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The Business of the Mind is an interactive yearly devotional that, when completed, will help shape the reader’s perspective for each new day. Filled with scriptures, prayers, and fasting options, this 12-month devotional is intended to help readers overcome obstacles, reach milestones, conquer their mental fears by applying God’s Word to their lives. 


As this 12-month devotional is unique in format, the reader can begin at any month throughout the year and nearly any time within a month.  The authors share their perspective with the reader in how they used scripture and action to build greater self-confidence providing a guide so you can too. 


*Neither author is, nor claims to be, health care providers nor do they claim to specialize in mental health.  Please consult with a health care provider before engaging in any fasts suggested in this book or consult with a mental health professional if you are having serious mental challenges.

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